New sale horses arriving in 2018, thanks for sharing our journey

(January 3, 2018) – Happy New Year and best wishes for a happy, peaceful and joyous year filled with great horse rides.

Thanks 2017 for the great memories and to everyone who contributed, shared, cheered and supported us last year as Jennifer Winkler Sport Horses reached a new level.   2018 is going to be wonderful and we look forward to pairing more wonderful horses with great people.

I’ve fallen behind with blog posts for a variety of reasons, in part because some of our team members departed for Europe a bit earlier than expected leaving fewer hands on deck at the farm.

I’ve been prompted to get another blog out the door by the strong uptick in inquiries in recent weeks’ about the availability of sale horses. I am pleased to announce we will be receiving a new supply in 2018.

My father Frank and his wife Andrea departed for Europe in September to celebrate several family milestone birthdays and anniversaries. That extended period in Europe provided extra time to reach out to our network of contacts and identify wonderful new sale prospects.

Appointments have been made and continue to be made to meet prospective horses and determine their suitability for our sale horse group.   I am now in the process of assessing and evaluating each of the horses on our shortlist.   We also have our eye on several quality horses right here at home in Canada which will round out our 2018 selection.

If you are on the hunt for your next horse – whether it be a young prospect or experienced show professional, domestic or import – it is helpful if you contact me (email, text or phone) to let me know the age, breed, level of training and so on that you are seeking. This does not commit you to purchasing, but it does help guide us in determining what kind of horses the market is seeking in the upcoming year.

2017 is a wrap

This past year was a game changer for Jennifer Winkler Sport Horses and we are all looking forward to another amazing year ahead.

Just like everyone else, we hit a few notable highs, experienced some heartbreak and enjoyed making new friends.   Here are a few highlights of our 2017 I’d like to share with you:

  • Alberta Champion Mare – The Canadian Warmblood Horse Breeders’ Association selected sale horse Sahara Jewel as the 2017 Champion Mare at the Alberta mare inspection. We always knew this kind-hearted and incredibly versatile mare was exceptional and a group of independent judges confirmed it by deeming her to be the top horse of the year.
  • Teaching a Friesian Dressage Horse to Drive a Coach – Family friends asked Frank to teach their Friesian, who previously trained in dressage, to pull a coach.  Frank is well-known in Europe as a competitive coach trainer and carriage driver.  Smiles all round this summer as the pretty Friesian mare added driving to her resume of accomplishments!
  • The Little Pony with Heart  – One of my proudest achievements in recent years is having brought along a pony called Black Jack to have him excel at the highest levels of dressage.  His career started as a driving horse until one day his owners decided he would benefit from a few dressage lessons to round out his skill set.  I had him under saddle and in just a few lessons Jack’s incredible natural talent for dressage was unmistakable.  His owners invited me to continue with his dressage lessons and that was the beginning of a life changing journey for both him and I.   Jack and I formed an incredibly close bond and together we progressed through the levels with Jack clinching top scores and championships every where he went. His owners’ home became filled with tangible evidence of his talent — trophies, fancy coolers, and the walls in his barn became covered with bright pretty ribbons.  Jack loved to work and almost every time I showed up at his home barn to ride him, he would nicker at me as if to say: “come get me, I’m ready to learn some more and show you what I can do.”  With major life changes having taken place for his owners, it is time for Jack to move to a new situation. Jack is now an accomplished school master and he will share his great knowledge with his new owner.  My life was transformed by this little man who had more heart than any other horse I have trained and competed.  His dedication to working with me and being my full partner is something I will never forget and will always honour.  The generous support of his owners who cheered both him and I on will always be remembered with gratitude.
  • Cisco – My heart broke this year when my beautiful Western riding horse had to be put down. For those of you who know me I am passionate about mountain riding and I bought Cisco for this purpose. A beautiful copper colored boy with four perfectly matched white legs and a stunning blaze – he shone in the sunshine when I rode him.  He left us far too soon and I will always regret the rides we didn’t take because other commitments intervened.  As much as my lifelong passion is for dressage, I am deeply inspired by the natural connection to the horse that riding in the wilderness can provide.

Tschuss! Wishing you the best in 2018!

Jennifer Winkler Sport Horses
Tel/Text: 587.433.8402

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