Dressage horse Kingston journeys to Canada from Germany


July is going to be another high mark for the Horse Sales Group as Kingston Max Van De Kleine joins our stable.

Kingston postcardWe have successfully sourced another great mover with an uber-impressive pedigree.  As soon as we saw him we knew this first-class horse with a pleasant demeanour and sensible nature would be a good fit for our clientele.

Kingston is a 2010 Belgian Warmblood gelding bred in the Flemish area of Belgium.

His training resume includes having been schooled in Belgium, Holland and Germany. His skill set was further enhanced when he was purchased by a German professional dressage trainer.

Kington has show experience, is trained to second level dressage and is schooling third. His bloodlines include several of the world’s most celebrated sires:  Sting, Wall Street, Sunny-Boy, Sandro Hit, Weltmeyer, Inschallah X.

We are confident Kingston will find a great home in Canada with a new owner who will enjoy taking him up the levels to showcase his full potential. Kingston arrives in July and will be placed in our quarantine facility until the Canadian authorities permit his release.

Watch the website in the period ahead for more announcements about Kingston. As always, Horse Alerts subscribers will be given advance notice of when he is available for viewings, test rides, etc.  Check out Kingston’s video and photo page.

Preparing a Friesian dressage horse to drive

IMG_0611Frank was super excited this summer to have been asked by family friends to train their Friesian dressage horse to pull a coach. Frank is a former show jumper who is well-known as a competitive driver and horse trainer in Europe.

For several weeks now, Patti has enjoyed foundation lessons with Frank. The first step in the process is for Patti and Frank to establish a close bond – an unwavering trust and comfort with each other. This step didn’t take as long as one might think as mares seem to adore him.

Patti is progressing nicely and the next blog will contain highlights of her journey as she develops her new skill.  Watch the next blog for highlights.

Thank you for subscribing to our blog. We know how incredibly fortunate we are to share our lives with amazing horses. We enjoy sharing our journey with those who love horses as much as we do.

Tschüss (German for farewell),


Jennifer Winkler Sport Horses

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