September 2018

Germany’s Equestrian Scene Netted Amazing Sale Horses in 2018

(September 2018) – Can’t believe October is almost on our doorstep – 2018 seems to have gone by in a flash.

It’s been such a busy year that this has been the first opportunity to sit down, reflect  and put fingers to the keyboard. Frank, my father and partner in our family-operated sale horse operation, spent most of this year in Germany.

He and his wife just completed a major renovation to an 1880s house they plan to use as a base for our European operation.  The charming house needed a bit more renovating than at first anticipated.  Frank used the extended time in Germany to connect with his network of long-time friends in the sport horse community and, through his connections, sourced some amazing horses for our sale horse group.

The kilometers he put on the car was well with the effort. I am pleased to introduce Chepetto, a breathtaking 17.2hh grey 2011 German Sport Horse, who is training between 3-4th level and Batman, a stunning 16hh black 2010 Oldenburg gelding by Diarado with four white legs.

Batman collageBoth of these lovely geldings have landed in Canada, completed their quarantine period, and have been in training for several months now.

The 2010 Oldenburg is super versatile as he performed as a 1.30m jumper in Germany and also has the natural ability for dressage  He is continuing his jump training with a well-known professional show jumper and he was introduced to cross country this summer in beautiful Cochrane, Alberta. I’ve included a few pictures of him at a recent show in Alberta.

Chepetto face

Chepetto, the 2011 German Sport Horse,  is continuing his dressage training with me and has become one of my favorites.  He is a super classy gentleman who enjoys his work and is very loving. Both of these fine geldings are available for purchase.

SnipImageThis month we had the pleasure of placing a beautiful gelding, Olli, with a dear friend in Alberta. Olli was handpicked with her in mind and the two are getting along very well.  Wishing you many happy rides Julie and Olli!

Warmblood.cdrHope to see you at the CWHBA Fall Classic Breeders’ sale in October. We are assisting in the training and presentation of a number of horses who will be offered for consideration to an audience of buyers from across North America.   Be sure to check out Lot #22 (Paletto) and Lot #5 (Fire II).  They are both great amateur level horses and are looking for their next riding partner.

 Giving back to dressage in Alberta

With fewer hands to help run the farm this year, I decided to put my participation in dressage shows on hiatus for 2018. This was a significant decision in my life as I have been a very active competitor – haven’t missed a single show season in Canada for over 20 years. Whether campaigning my own horses or those belonging to clients, shows have always been an important part of my career.  That said, I continued to coach a few of my competitive clients at shows this season and am very proud of their success. But I sure missed trotting down centre line. I’m looking forward to the 2019 season already!

Having made the decision to step back from the 2018 show ring, we decided we wanted to continue supporting the Alberta shows and committed to sponsorship. It has been an honour to support dressage in the province. A sincere thank you again to all the hardworking volunteers who work so hard to present these shows.

Summer 2018On a final note, a person very special to our family, long-time dressage student, Jack Bereziuk, passed away this year. His lovely wife Mary joined us as we presented a cooler to the 2nd level champion at the Calgary CAADA gold dressage show to commemorate him. Jack was a dear person and personified the kind of student every coach wants to work with. His faithful dedication to learning dressage was exceptional.  RIP in Jack – my lessons with you make up some of the best memories I have of teaching. Read more about Jack:

Tschüss (German for farewell)

The Team at Jennifer Winkler Sport Horses



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