What our valued clients are saying:

“Finding a new horse can be a difficult task. Having worked with a variety of trainers over the past thirty years I was very pleased to have met and engaged the services of Jennifer Winkler, owner of Jennifer Winkler Sport Horses. Both an accomplished FEI level dressage rider and coach, she was able to identify my desires, work within my budget, and find me my dream horse in less than a few months. Thorough, professional and having the necessary contacts both here and in Germany she has a keen eye for finding just the right horse for any rider at a variety of levels. I would not hesitate to recommend Jen to any of my contacts, friends, or to a complete stranger. “      – Karen Ashbee, City Editor, Western Living (EC Dressage Judge)

“I am so excited about my new horse Davidoff, a.k.a. Dave! I feel very privileged to be able to ride such a sweet, patient and talented horse! He is going to be a lot of fun!! Thank you Jennifer Winkler Sport Horses for presenting such a high quality horse and your professionalism.”Sarah R. (Facebook Post, Spring 2017) 

“Jennifer Winkler Sport Horses assisted in finding my next horse which has turned out to be my perfect match.  After meeting and watching Fire, I decided he was pretty special.  That was in early 2016, it is now July 2017 and I could not be happier with my purchase.  Being a middle-aged, timid and nervous nelly rider, Fire’s disposition and kindness is overwhelming.  He is exactly what I needed to regain my confidence. Thank you Jen for finding the right horse for me! Julie Edwards

“I am very proud to have Jennifer as my coach. Through her exceptional eye and attention to detail, she has helped me grow as a horse person.  I purchased my dream horse from Jennifer and am delighted to learn from her wisdom and tutelage.  I am immensely grateful for her support and guidance.”Thera MacKinnon

 “Through the years I have ridden with a variety of trainers and coaches. I have found Jennifer to be one of the best. I find she addresses both the horse and riders’ issues with quiet understanding and direction. If needed she is willing and able to ride the horse through problems, at the same time encouraging and explaining to the rider. I look forward to my time with Jennifer.”Betty Ellis

“I have trained with Jen for about eight years, and know her to be always totally committed to everything she does, maintaining a degree of excellence that is outstanding. Jen is a true professional and will always be there for you when needed.” Sue Hewton-Waters, EC Competition Coach Specialist, EC Dressage Judge 

“I live quite a distance from dressage communities which makes it difficult to find good quality instruction. Seeing Jen ride and how she interacted with her clients and their horses during show season, I made the call for help. Jen delivers clinics to our community and shares her knowledge with our small group, no matter the skill level or riding discipline. Jen’s fairness to the horse, patience and knowledge make her a fantastic coach and trainer.”Julie Edwards, Spruce Hill Stables

 “With the help of Jennifer over the last few years, both riding my mare and teaching me on her, we made huge strides with a difficult horse. Jen’s patience with us both and her fabulous riding abilities, we have both progressed by leaps and bounds. Jennifer has also been working with my rising three year old in preparation for starting him in 2013. Her extensive experience with young horses shows in her methodical approach to their training. Being able to observe her work with my youngster has enabled me to learn and to make sure that I am consistent in my expectations of him as well. I cannot express how thrilled I am to be working with Jen.”Shari Coward

“I have had seven lessons with Jen in past seven weeks and am so impressed with the progress we have made. Jen has renewed my excitement for riding! It doesn’t matter the level you ride at, she will tailor the lesson to your riding level. She is involved in the lesson and committed to your learning and success.”  – Kristen LH