Training Program

Jennifer’s method of training and horse care is compassionate and respectful while at the same time firm with clear expectations.  She focuses on a small number of horses to ensure each one is given the time and support they need to progress. The end result is equestrian athletes who are confident, well-rounded, and eager to begin work with their new owner.

Training and Development Program:  Training and development of the horse is undertaken in a well-planned, consistent fashion. A generous pace is set providing each horse an opportunity to develop naturally in its own time. A customized training program is developed for each horse that suits its unique temperament and learning-style.  The greatest effort is made to ensure each horse feels it can succeed and consequently, it enjoys its work and is eager to become co-partners in dressage or other disciplines for which it is best suited.

Training is further enhanced through the contributions of  Frank Winkler, a seasoned competitior/trainer who until recently owned Friesenhof Brunsmark, northern Germany’s largest Friesian horse training and sales facility.  Over the years, hundreds of horses have been developed for competitive work and pleasure riding under Frank’s careful eye and time-tested training methods. Frank’s protégés are today in the hands of both competitive and recreational riders in all parts of Europe, the United States, Russia and the Middle East.

Training by Jennifer Winkler Sport Horses includes long lining, a time-honoured technique used to start a horse and to introduce new steps in training. Unlike lungeing, long lining provides the flexibility to ground drive, double lunge, or work in hand. In the hands of a horse master like Frank Winkler, long-lining delivers exceptional support and development of new skills being introduced to horses by Jennifer.