Our Process


We care about our horses and buyers. Here is how we work:

Evaluating Equine Suitability for Horse Sales Group: social media

  1.  We search far and wide to source the finest horses for our clients. One or more of our team members personally visit breeders, private owners and trainers in Europe and Canada in search of quality horses. We meet the horses, see the environment they come from and meet their handlers.
  2. To be considered for inclusion in our Horse Sales Group, a prospect horse must undergo a rigorous behavioural and physical assessment to determine its mental characteristics, physical abilities (talent) and suitability for the discipline of dressage, jumping or pleasure riding.
  3. We record details of the horse’s behaviour, characteristics and any other information shared by the breeder/previous owner regarding its history.
  4. Next the horse must undergo an in-depth clinical and x-ray evaluation in the country where it is domiciled.  The results are then delivered to our veterinary professionals in Canada where they are reviewed in detail with us. The clinical and x-ray evaluation we undertake is exceptionally rigorous and designed to protect our clients.  (Some conditions/exceptions may apply.)

Acceptance into Horse Sales Group:

  1. Once a horse is approved for the Horse Sales Group and is in our hands, priority is placed on getting the horse comfortable in its new environment.  This is particularly important for horses who have travelled from overseas. Horses sourced locally are also given time to condition themselves to a new barn, routine, feed and handlers.
  2. At the appropriate time they are subject to an onsite re-evaluation which involves riding the horse (if it has been previously backed), long-lining and the basics like trailering and grooming,  to determine if any gaps in training exist.
  3. A work plan is developed to address training gaps, maintain physical fitness and health, and  maximize a horse’s potential for its destined career.  Similarly, all horses are subject to farrier, dental, and massage assessments by professional providers. Remedial dental, shoeing and massage work is undertaken as required.
  4. While a  horse is in our care, its work plan is executed and it is subject to regular health treatments including: farrier, inoculations, deworming. All our horses are given the highest quality care and receive a generous amount of handling and affection.

Purchasing from Horse Sales Group:

  1. Appointments are required to view horses in our Sales Group.  (Serious enquiries only please.)
  2. Prospective purchasers are encouraged to bring their trainer, ride the horse and, if desired, arrange for an independent pre-purchase vet examination prior to purchasing a horse.  We will share all medical results and disclose all information we have obtained about a horse to a prospective purchaser. Appropriate insurance waivers limiting our liability must be signed before handling our equines.  Riding with a helmet is required at all times.
  3. All horse sales are final upon execution of the sales contract.

Committed to professionalism, quality and integrity in the services and support offered.