Boutique Horse Sales, Training

Jennifer Winkler and the Winkler family have a longstanding tradition of bringing together quality sport horses with people who are passionate about horses.

FEI dressage rider Jennifer Winkler has sourced, trained and partnered talented horses with riders in Canada and the United States for almost two decades. Her father Frank Winkler and his wife Andrea, operated Northern Germany’s largest Friesian horse sales firm and placed horses with professional and amateur riders around the globe for over twenty years.

Members of our team search Germany and Canada for horses who meet the quality standards of our Horse Sales Group.  As a  boutique service provider, we identify quality horses, evaluate them for their suitability and health, and match talented horses with great people. Our clients value how we remove their risk of purchasing unknown, unseen horses from Europe, make seamless the complexity and stress of international equine export/import and  are small enough to provide high-value customer service at a fair price.


Jennifer Winkler:  President & CEO,  Horse Acquisitions – Canada & Europe, Training, Sales

Frank Winkler:  Sales, Training, Horse Acquisitions – Europe

Andrea Winkler:  Horse Acquisitions – Europe

Rebecka Freels: Marketing, Managing Partner


Ralphedited2Farrier Services:  Ralph Fitzgerald, Horses Unlimited

Veterinary Services: Moore & Company

Security Team: Zip, Benito, Diesel

Committed to professionalism, quality and integrity in the services and support offered.