Spring 2017 horse shows: a gentle introduction for young horses

(June, 2017) – With horse show season now fully underway, it has been a pleasure for my students and I to participate in this year’s gold-level shows.  Shows are a great place to catch up with old friends and meet new ones.  Huge thanks to the organizers and volunteers at each of the shows for presenting another year of professionally delivered events here in Alberta.

The 2017 show season is supplying a well-timed opportunity to introduce young horses from the Horse Sales Group to the discipline and rigor of the competitive show scene. Positive early experiences begin without actually putting a hoof into the show ring or riding down the centre line. A thoughtful and skilled introduction to horse shows provides the foundation necessary to set a young horse up for future success.

Taking youngsters to shows where they don’t actually compete is all about getting them acquainted with the routine of trailering to an unfamiliar environment, stabling alongside unfamiliar horses, and working in a busy warmup ring.

It was very rewarding to take jet black Salitos to last week’s Black Tie 2017 Gold Show (June 2 – 4, Anderson Ranch, Calgary).  This was his first experience at a Canadian show and he rewarded us with his good nature and flawless ability to adjust easily to new situations.  Salitos, who is 17hh, was recently imported from Germany and is a member of our Horse Sales Group. It was a delight to work with him at the show as he turns heads everywhere he goes.

Whether he was ridden under saddle in the busy warmup ring, toured around on ‘meet & greets’ or asked to stand to take in the sights of the show ring and grounds, he was as cool as a cucumber. This gelding is exceeding all expectations and is amateur friendly all the way down the line. I’ve included a few photos of Salitos at the show.


Clinics continue throughout the summer

With many of my students committed to the 2017 show season, I spent much of last winter and spring coaching and delivering clinics to riders dedicated to advancing their dressage skills. My clinics usually go on hiatus over the summer, but this year I have agreed to offer a few during the show season.

webJess at RMSJ June 2017Huge congratulations to Jessica Dobson, a junior rider who participates in my Lloydminster clinics. She, and her horse Brighton, debuted this spring and cleaned up at both the Amberlea Meadows Dressage Show (Edmonton, May 12 – 14) and the Black Tie 2017 Gold Show (Calgary, June 2 – 4).  It was great to see her dedication to regular training with coach Julie Edwards, and monthly participation in my clinics, reward her so nicely. Great work!


New horses, both imported and domestic, are being evaluated for suitability for the Horse Sales Group. Watch for future announcements about new sales horses. In the meantime, keep checking the Jennifer Winkler Sport Horses web site for news about horses currently offered for sale.

Tschüss (German for farewell),

Team at Jennifer Winkler Sport Horses


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