Blog – March 8, 2017

Schoolmaster Davidoff has Arrived! (March 8, 2017) – After a great deal of heightened anticipation, Davidoff, the schoolmaster who has generated so much interest among our clients, has finally arrived in Canada.

blanketed and ready to face the Cdn winter

Welcome to Canada! Davidoff blanketed, wrapped and ready to board the trailer that will take him to our farm.

Always elegant and dignified, the 2003 Hessen Warmblood gelding landed at the Calgary International Airport at the beginning of this week during a snowstorm.

He arrived wearing his dark green stable blanket and a halter from which hung a heart shaped leather fob etched with his name adorned with a few Swarovski crystals. The gelding, and two other equine companions, travelled with a professional groom, who oversaw the animals’ care during the transatlantic trip.

An accomplished veteran of the show ring, Davidoff demonstrated once again that he takes new experiences in stride, by walking out of the flight box stall with grace and straight into the YYC Animal Reception Centre. He arrived in super shape, albeit tired after his long trip.

For Davidoff this was a journey of a lifetime. He was picked up by horse van from the stable in Northern Germany that he called home for most of his life and transported to the quarantine station near the German/Belgium border. When quarantine ended, the horse van took him to the airport in Luxembourg where he boarded a direct flight to the Calgary International Airport in Canada.

While many of our horse-loving friends embark to warmer climates for vacation or training at this time of year, Davidoff now begins his time in Canadian quarantine under the careful eye of the Jennifer Winkler Sport Horses team. He will remain in quarantine until blood samples and the health inspection he underwent upon arrival at YYC receive the stamp of approval from Canadian authorities.

In our February blog we shared a photo of Davidoff boarding the transport van at his home stable where his journey to Canada began. Today I’ve included a photo of Davidoff’s arrival in Calgary.

The arrival of this horse is a high mark for our entire team. We have the greatest respect for every horse we take into our Horse Sales Group, and Davidoff is a welcome addition because we know he will be an invaluable teacher to an amateur rider who wants to further his or her dressage career.

We are cognizant of just how magnificent these special equestrian athletes are, and how they carry with them the hopes and dreams of their future riders and trainers, as well as their previous owners.

Once Davidoff is out of quarantine we will announce his availability for test rides and viewings. We are beginning to form a waiting list of interested parties, so if you would like to meet him, we recommend you contact to reserve a spot very soon.

We operate under the first come, first sold principle.


“Das Nesthakchen” will be arriving next!

Meanwhile in Europe, many kilometers continue to be clocked on the autobahn as a member of our team meets with breeders, trainers and private owners in search of quality, talented horses in Germany for our Sales Horse Group.

Blog collageWe have just inked a deal to purchase a well-pedigreed 2013 Hanoverian mare by Deveraux (Depardieu – De Niro). This lovely mare is currently in professional training and ready to debut this show season. Arrangements have been made to bring her to Calgary later this month.

The mare is named after a popular German children’s book called “Das Nesthakchen”.  The book features the adventures of a young girl, the daughter of a Berlin doctor during the imperial era, who is loved by the community for her caring ways.

We’ve added a few pictures our team member in Germany took of the German countryside which is beginning to show signs of spring..

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Tschüss (German for farewell)

The Team at Jennifer Winkler Sport Horses

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