Blog – Sourcing Horses (Feb 2017)

Sourcing New Horses in Germany

(February, 2017) –  Our farm near the Rocky Mountains is heavily snowcovered at this time of year and we are eagerly awaiting Spring. We’ve had a very busy start to 2017, with snow-piled-up-alongside-drivewayseveral horses placed with new owners and a number of new sales horses making their way from Europe through the export/import process.

A member of our team is currently in Germany sourcing new horses who will be part of our Spring 2017 Sales Collection.  Many kilometers have been traveled on the autobahn visiting breeders in both northern and southern Germany.

Some of the breeders are long-time friends and trusted business partners and we have the privilege of being among the first to be presented with their newest offering of talented young horses.

Kaffee-BarWe thank them for their kind hospitality, which often includes the time-honoured German tradition of celebrating the arrival of guests by sitting down to share ‘kaffee and kuchen’ (a freshly brewed cup of coffee and tasty slice of cake).

loading-on-transport-van-germanyWe’ve had very strong interest in Davidoff, a gentle and seasoned schoolmaster, who is advertised on the web site. His import to Canada is underway, and I am sharing with you a photo of Davidoff walking on the transport van which will take him to the quarantine station in anticipation of his transatlantic flight.

While new sales horses are being sought in Germany, the team at the farm continues training and placing horses in new North American homes.  That is  …. when we aren’t outside shoveling snow and plowing the driveway!

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Tschüss (German for farewell)

The Team at Jennifer Winkler Sport Horses



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